Locals tell true stories before a live audience. No notes. Not a Ted Talk and not an anecdote. These short, soul-stirring stories are about a time that has changed the storyteller's perspective or even their life. Tell Me Tauranga/Kōrerohia Mai is where we share inspiration while enjoying the art of storytelling. It's a place to engage, to be surprised and to feel connected.

The theme for our inaugural event is New Beginnings.


Amanda Lowry - Starting Over - navigating on two wheels
Einstein Hale - Pandemic Refugee - leaving home to live unmasked
Steffi August - Escape Artist - fleeing East Germany for a new life in the West
Rhys Johnston - Going the Distance - overcoming obstacles as an ultrarunner
Dr Andrew Corin - My Best Day - life choices in the face of death
Amelia Hirota - Creating a Family - the long, foreign road to adoption
Stephen Wilson -  The Onion's Journey - how a humble vegetable sparked a lifelong passion
Ange Wallace - Childhood Wish - delayed gratification and the desire to give back

Join us: early bird tickets are just $15 + booking fee through 30 August (numbers are limited, so act fast). Regular price: $23 + booking fee.

DOORS 6:30PM - SUPERVISED (This is a supervised event, which means if you are under the age of 18 years you must attend with YOUR parent.)

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