Punk Rock

Life didn’t work out they way we thought it would. We didn’t achieve fame, we remain dirt poor, we work jobs that pay bills and not in careers that fulfill, our love lives are best not discussed and thinking towards the future is getting up out of bed tomorrow and doing it all over again. On paper we are all the same: Losers. But in reality, who would want to be a winner?

Winners are single minded in their ambition to be the best. They are generally driven not by community or a conviction and compassion for the well being of others but remain steadfast in their determination to be the best they can be, rest be damned. For this they will achieve the fame, fortune, popularity that seems forever out of our reach. But by doing this they come to lack something that we will never lose - humanity.

We may think of ourselves as “Losers” but ultimately we are well meaning people of a good and kind disposition. We are there for our friends and family. We treat all genders and races with respect. We look out for our young and elderly. We contribute to a greater society and want what is best for this world and the people in it.

Sure we may get down on ourselves for how our lives have played out but do remember wherever you turn there is always another “Loser” near by. Please don’t be afraid to reach out. Please don’t be afraid to talk. Us “Losers” have to stick together and be there for one another.

Loserpalooza 2019 will take place on the 17th of August with two loser stages inside Totara Street and another smaller loser stage starting later in the evening at Voodoo Lounge. Featuring 25+ loser bands from across Tauranga and New Zealand over the course of 12 loser hours. Tickets are 40 loser dollars and are available on the day at Totara Street. All proceeds are to be donated to LIFELINE in order for them to continue offering the counselling and helpline support service that is very much needed in this country.

If you or others you know are experiencing suicidal or depressive thoughts please do not hesitate to call LIFELINE on 0800543354. Whatever the issue their qualified counsellors and trained volunteers are available 24/7 to help.


Flogging a Dead One Horse Town
Mason Clinic
St Klaeds Computer
Hard Throb
First Move
Grown Downz
Rat Dicks
Diehards of Deep Dish
The Dead Man 66
No Brainers
Ilicit Wah Wahz
Edward Gains & the Human Remains
The GC’s
Dead Simple

Poster by Ed and Wilco Gains.

For Anna and everyone else lost before their time….

DOORS 12PM - R18


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