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Now more than ever the world is full of Losers… We are losing our jobs. We are losing our health. We are losing our freedom. We are losing our love for our fellow man. We are losing our future.

The world is no longer the sunshine and rainbow filled wonderland we all pretended we lived in. Nope, we all finally awoke to the big dark depressing reality of a world with the weak at the mercy of the agendas of those that profess to lead.

And while we as such a small group cannot pretend to be able to fix all of these societal ills we can certainly look out for our own little populace - the Losers.

Losers are more likely than anyone to get depressed, but please know if you are a first time Loser that wherever you turn there are many other Losers just like you. Some of us have been losing for years and know exactly how you are feeling and why. The majority of us are in fact just fine with being Losers and wouldn’t change this status for anything. Our losses have made us who we are. Better, stronger, kinder, more human. So if you are feeling depressed or suicidal please turn to a more experienced Loser, preferably one you know and trust but even an unknown loser. They will know what to do.

Loserpalooza 2020 will return for its 3rd year to Totara Street this August 15th. Featuring 25 Loser bands across 2 Loser stages over 12 Loser hours. All Losers welcome….


Eddie and the Dreamers
Ayn Randy
Hedge Fund Trader
Dick Move
Lizard Prom
Cootie Cuties
silver surfer
Mason Clinic
The Clap
Diehards of Deep Dish
JJ Mist
Verdant Exudate
Grown Downz

$40 entry. All proceeds are to be donated to LIFELINE in order for them to continue offering the counselling and helpline support service that is very much needed in this country. If you or others you know are experiencing suicidal or depressive thoughts please do not hesitate to call LIFELINE on 0800543354. Whatever the issue their qualified counsellors and trained volunteers are available 24/7 to help.

For Anna and everyone else lost before their time.

DOORS 11:30AM - R18