Kia ora koutou. Due to level restrictions, we are moving the place and date for Tell Me Tauranga/Kōrerohia Mai. Our initial venue, Totara ST, can only operate in level 1. Because it is unclear when we will return to L1, we are moving the event to a venue that operates in L2. 
Our new date is Thursday, 28th October. Same time: 7pm. The venue will be the Tauranga Club on 72 Devonport Road (level 5).   
We hope you will be able to join us at the new place on the 28th. If you are able to attend, nothing is required. Keep your electronic ticket. If you cannot attend, please respond to this email and we will issue a refund (minus the ticketing fee).
Thank you for your support. We appreciate it. We will get there.

Locals tell true stories before a live audience. No notes. Not a Ted Talk and not an anecdote. These short, soul-stirring stories are about a time that has changed the storyteller's perspective or even their life. Tell Me Tauranga/Kōrerohia Mai is where we share inspiration while enjoying the art of storytelling. It's a place to engage, to be surprised and to feel connected.

The theme for our inaugural event is New Beginnings.


Amanda Lowry - Starting Over - navigating on two wheels
Einstein Hale - Pandemic Refugee - leaving home to live unmasked
Steffi August - Escape Artist - fleeing East Germany for a new life in the West
Rhys Johnston - Going the Distance - overcoming obstacles as an ultrarunner
Dr Andrew Corin - My Best Day - life choices in the face of death
Amelia Hirota - Creating a Family - the long, foreign road to adoption
Stephen Wilson -  The Onion's Journey - how a humble vegetable sparked a lifelong passion
Ange Wallace - Childhood Wish - delayed gratification and the desire to give back

Join us: early bird tickets are just $15 + booking fee through 30 August (numbers are limited, so act fast). Regular price: $23 + booking fee.

DOORS 6:30PM - SUPERVISED (This is a supervised event, which means if you are under the age of 18 years you must attend with YOUR parent.)

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