Indie Punk Rock

After two years of losing to Covid-19 we can all bounce back together and put aside our differences to once again unite as the losers we so obviously are. A true loser knows that life isn’t perfect 100% of the time, it is but a series of ebbs and flows. Sometimes everything goes as we desire and it all seems like a wonderful dream. Other times things don’t turn out as planned. But that is also ok because we will have learned great lessons about ourselves, this world, and the people around us and for that, we will come out much stronger and as better people. What we all have endured together has proven this resolve, and for the most part, many of us will have used these last years of disappointment to develop and evolve into the people this world needed us to be. We are all losers of equal standing and as you know, no loser should be left behind. If you find a fellow loser still struggling then make sure they are helped to return to the level the rest of us reside at - mutual mediocrity, We don’t need to aspire to be the best. We don’t need to be the richest. We don’t need to be the most popular. But we do need to make sure that our fellow loser isn’t struggling.

So welcome my fellow losers to Loserpalooza 2022, New Zealand's biggest loser reunion. Featuring: 25 loser bands, over 12 loser hours, on two loser stages, at one loser venue. August 20th, 12pm -1am at Totara Street. Loserpalooza 2022:

All proceeds go to Lifeline Aotearoa to aid in their important efforts to prevent and decrease suicide in New Zealand.

Big Scout

Mega Maw


King Fish


Lizard Prom

Feilding's Best Dancers

Undercover Statues


King Ketchup

Illicit Wah Wahz


Grown Downz

Shotgun the Couch


Skull Patrol


Two Skinner

Stunt Clown

Tactical Chunny

Flogging a Dead One Horse Town

Eddie and the Dreamers

Carrion Bride

Bad Juju

5g Meatsuit

“In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey. Butane in my veins and I'm out to cut the junkie. With the plastic eyeballs, spray-paint the vegetables. Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose.” Anonymous Loser, 1994

$50 entry [or koha if you are struggling and cannot afford the ticketed price]. Door sales only.

R18 sorry.

Poster by Ed and Bebe Gains. Thank you.

For Anna, and all those lost before their time.

DOORS 12PM - R18