Get ready for a extravaganza like no other, as the iconic band that gifted us unforgettable bangers such as "Road Rash" and "Drinking for 11" is about to set New Zealand ablaze with their electrifying performance!

Fresh off their recent signing with SBAM Records and boasting a revamped lineup featuring the exceptional talents of drummer Sean Sellers (known for his work with Good Riddance and Pulley) and guitarist Brandon Landelius (of Authority Zero fame), this tour marks the triumphant return of MAD CADDIES after a decade-long hiatus.

Brace yourselves for a musical experience like never before as they unleash their legendary ska punk sounds that have left a lasting impact, having sold over 500,000 records and released six studio albums!

The Caddies' diverse musical influences draw from a wide spectrum of genres, including ska, punk, hardcore, reggae, jazz, latin, polka, and even the intriguing blend of cowpunk ("Crew Cut Chuck") and sea shanties ("Weird Beard"). With such a rich musical palette, audiences are in for an enthralling journey that transcends boundaries and pushes the envelope of creativity.

Make sure to explore the band's latest gem, "Punk Rocksteady," an album of captivating covers, meticulously crafted under the guiding hand of none other than the renowned Fat Mike from the legendary NOFX. This masterpiece promises to delight longtime fans, presenting cherished classics with a fresh, invigorating twist that will leave you craving for more.

Prepare to have your musical senses ignited, for The Caddies' sheer passion and polished sound, honed over two decades, will resonate deeply with any discerning alternative music lover. So mark your calendars, and get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant melodies and infectious energy that only The Caddies deliver. This extraordinary event promises to be a celebration of the artistry that has shaped the very fabric of ska punk history!

After fifteen long years, the much-anticipated reunion of local outfit, THE WBC, is finally happening! Supporting Mad Caddies, THE WBC will take the stage once again. With their unique blend of ska, reggae, and rock, fans can expect the same passion, energy, and infectious grooves that made the band a beloved crowd favorite all those years ago.

Formed back in 1998 and known for their high-energy performances, the band quickly became a prominent indie force in the local music scene over the next decade. THE WBC left an indelible mark, releasing an album and two EPs, touring Australia and Aotearoa multiple times and supported Bad Manners, Reel Big Fish and Coolie Ranx of Pilfers.

In 2008, they played their last show at the iconic Kings Arms Tavern. But now, the wait is over, and the band is ready to bring their music back to local audiences once again.