Definitely not to be confused with the British pop vocal trio of the same name, Japan's King Brothers have taken on legendary status both in their homeland and internationally for their high-intensity garage punk shows and stage/crowd-destroying antics. Having formed in 1997 as snot-nosed high-schoolers (infamous for being banned from playing at nearly every club in Osaka), King Brothers have seasoned into a trio of snot-nosed, stage/crowd destroying, garage punk-playing high-intensity adults.

If you have been living under a rock and managed to miss the King Brothers on one of their many now infamous visits to New Zealand then fear not…..while you may have missed the chance to crowd surf with the band on a boat in the middle of the Tauranga harbour, watched them cavort with naked dancers in a packed strip club, had your weekend record hunting routine interrupted by a King Brother jumping off Real Groovy's mezzanine floor right by your super pretentious selections, been kicked out of a Raglan house party by the police for getting too ruckus, or have no memory at all of that music festival they headlined, then now is your chance to create new memories.

Come join the King Brothers on their 25th-anniversary tour on Friday, 26th May 2023 at Totara Street with crazed Auckland sugar pop punks Cindy & brother sister drunk skater punks Grown Downz.

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Forget and regret.