Who is the Māori elite ? - I am ! that’s right, me Hori.

Join Māori elitist / artist Hori in this political satire piece as he tries to answer all the questions around Māori elitism or so called “treatyist”. Not inspired by this year’s anti co-governance tour, Hori has decided to do a tour of his own “ the Māori Elite Tour” this is a follow up chat to his M9 Speech earlier this year - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COqOTC0j3vo

In this hour-long tongue-in-cheek presentation, Hori will speak to 5 art pieces he has created around the co-governance debate. The purpose is not to pour gasoline on the “Hate tour” but to create our own ahi or fire (and blaze that shit up), to offer more of a Māori comedic perspective to the kaupapa / subject.

Each Hori-rious night will begin at 6.30pm with drinks and kai , and at 7.30pm Hori will speak for an hour, clothing and artworks will be available. So come and have a kai and kōrero at one of the 10 elite shows across the motu / country.


DOORS 6:30PM - R18