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Since 2018, Loserpalooza has been a showcase event for loser musicians from across New Zealand to both play and support the Loserpalooza cause, these musicians have worked tirelessly to help raise money for Lifeline with their efforts in developing suicide awareness and prevention through their helpline (call 0800 543 354). We thank these bands and attendees for their amazing work with a little under 20k donated over the 5 years. 

This is a cause very close to our hearts as musicians and alternative music fans tend to battle with a higher degree of issues such as depression/anxiety, but through the expression of music, they may find an outlet to release some of their mental stress. Those from bigger cities like Auckland or Wellington have a lot of venues and events to help facilitate this, however, despite our rapid growth Tauranga is still lacking outlets for musicians and fans. And while a loser is still a loser no matter where they might hail from, this year we have decided to look closer to home and so for the first time we will present an all-Tauranga line-up for Loserpalooza 2023. This is for the local losers that have done so much to make this event a success over the years and for those to still to find their voice. 

So welcome my fellow losers to Loserpalooza 2023, New Zealands biggest loser reunion. Featuring: 25 LOCAL loser bands, over 12 loser hours, on two loser stages, at one loser venue. August 20th, 12pm -1am at Totara Street. Loserpalooza 2022:

All proceeds going to Lifeline Aotearoa to aid in their important efforts to prevent and decrease suicide in New Zealand. Please call Lifeline if you need help: 0800 543 354 or text 4357.

Two Skinner
Park Flyers
Six Two’s
bloody overalls
Eddie and the Dreamers
Tactical Chunny
Angry Papamoans
Carrion Bride
False Waltons
We Will Ride Fast
Thy End Cometh
Club Meds
This Is How We Die
Flogging a Dead One Horse Town

Koha entry, please give what you can. 

DOORS 12PM - R18 sorry

Poster by Ed and Bebe Gains. Thank you.

For Anna, and all those lost before their time.