Get ready to groove, strum, and swing at our Holiday Music Blast Through the Decades!

This fun and interactive program will take kids on a musical journey through time. They'll dance to the funky beats of disco, strum along to the soulful tunes of folk and sing their hearts out with musical theatre hits.

Experience a groovy week filled with plenty of hands-on musical instrument sessions. Your child can try guitar, ukuleles, piano, drums, violins, accordions and lots more! Plus lots of time for creative crafts, playful activities and dancing to the iconic tunes of the past.

Leading the programme is our team of highly qualified Music Tutors with 30 years of combined experience. This music jam requires no prior musical experience - just come on down and have some fun! There is a different theme each day all filled with play, laughter and creativity. Space is limited, so enrol your child today to secure your spot!

Monday - 60s - Folk & Woodstock

Tuesday - 50s - Rock n Roll & Elvis

Wednesday - 80s - Disco & Synths

Thursday - 20s - Blues, Boogie Woogie & Jug bands

Friday - 40s - Broadway Musical theatre

9am - 2pm DAILY.

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