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One of the biggest names in the new age Drum and Bass scene, all the way from the UK - UPGRADE, he's just out of NZ quarantine and coming to the Mount hot and ready to tear up Totara Street!

The KANINE show sold out the Totara Street capacity in just 2 hours! and we expect this show to sell out also!

Main support will be coming from a special guest "TBA"..... along with a stacked support line up comprised of:




*** UPGRADE (UK) ***

The man behind huge tunes such as Trigga Finga, Popular, Thunder, Creeper, Won't Hold Back, You Got Me, Blow and so on......

From the moment DJ Upgrade pressed play on a tape pack handed to him by his brother and heard drum & bass for the very first time, he was hooked. Intrigued by what he heard, Upgrade, aka Sam Smith, borrowed a version of Reason from a friend and from then on his main aim in life became clear; to make drum & bass music.

After carving out his unique sound, it’s that sound which is now starting to draw attention from producers whom he had once looked up to himself, with the likes of Hazard, Micky Finn and Nicky Blackmarket all chipping in with praise and support, no doubt seeing similarities between the start of Upgrade’s musical journey with their own illustrious ones.

The biggest moment of Upgrades journey to date was signing to a label he has always respected; the legendary Serial Killaz. A testament to his talent and what he’s all about – making music that makes people want to dance – the fundamental essence of drum & bass.

Not wanting to be pigeonholed as one-dimensional, Upgrade is a producer constantly looking to diversify and evolve, which is what makes him such an exciting prospect.

Well aware of the fact it’s an increasingly saturated industry, he’s working harder than ever in the studio to hone in on his production and stay ahead of the game.

With a passion for meticulous production, backing from some of the best and plenty of releases forthcoming, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the movements of Upgrade.

- Venue "Totara Street" 11 Totara Street, Mount Maunganui 

- See the Facebook event page and click the “GOING” button event for updates.

DOORS 8:30PM - R18