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Fur Patrol PET tour postponed 

Due to the latest COVID travel restrictions between New Zealand and Australia, Fur Patrol have regrettably had to postpone the PET 21st Anniversary tour for a third time.

The new tour dates are yet to be confirmed, but will be announced once a clear travel path between the two countries is established.

With core Fur Patrol band member, drummer Simon Braxton, living in Melbourne and currently unable to travel to New Zealand until the travel “bubble” is back in place, the band have postponed the tour for the foreseeable future. The PET 21st birthday tour was originally scheduled for September 2021 then postponed to November 2021, then to the end of February 2022.

"We're not gonna lie, actual tears were shed. We've been looking forward to this for so long now, and to have the goal posts moved yet again is crushing. However, all us humans are walking the same shifting sands right now, and when we finally get to be together – band and audience – it's going to be an incredibly cathartic experience!"

All tickets will remain valid and the tour will remain on sale. Refunds are available if required but punters are encouraged to hold on as there are new dates being announced.

When it finally goes ahead, the PET 21st birthday tour - celebrating 21 years since the release of the iconic album – will certainly be worth the wait as Fur Patrol play PET in its entirety!

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