Electronic Dance

We're excited to welcome you all back for a night of house music as we take over Totara St. creating an intimate experience featuring an incredible lineup.

Totara Street, one of the best venues in the Mount characterized by its location, the outstanding quality-definition, Martin Audio sound system, the acoustics and the resident sound engineers and technicians.

Mateo St

Miami born and Argentina raised, Mateo is the creative visionary, DJ and founder of Switch Off. Currently residing at Parihoa farm, Auckland.


Born and raised in Brazil, now based in the Mount, an old friend and DJ of the house.


New Zealand born, two best friends that found a common love for house music. It's a pleasure to have them for the first time at Switch Off.

We wanted to thank each and everyone of you that attended our last event. The support has been through the roof. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you all.

P.s We’ll be capturing Polaroid memories on the night.

Switch Off



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