Mungo’s Hi Fi are coming to rock the foundations of Totara St with their own signature sound of rub-dub-dubbed reggae music.

Mungo’s Hi Fi love soundsystem culture to the core - from its Jamaican roots to raves, clubs and festivals. When performing as DJs, playing their heavyweight soundsystem, producing music, collaborating with vocalists and releasing artists on their own label, they create a uniquely uplifting experience.

Hailing from Glasgow Scotland, Mungo’s Hi Fi have crafted their own unique style of reggae music while championing sound system culture across the U.K., Europe and worldwide.

Wakamana Soundsystem and Rise and Shine Rockers are stoked to be bringing the Mungo’s Hi Fi sound to Mount Maunganui for their first time.

Local support from Dub Down Deluxe aka Michael Julian and 6FtSTIX will bring the foundation music from Africa to Jamaica and forward. The Roland Space Echo and MPC will be in full effect for this momentous night of heavyweight dubs and riddims.


Mungos Hi Fi Totara St Portrait Poster-2.png